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Bionic Play Dog Toys
Bob-A-Lot Treat Dispenser
Booda Soft Bite Floppy Disc
Bott-A-Mals Dog Toys
Chewber Tug'n Toss Dog Toy
Chuck It Amphibious Flying Ring
Chuck It Balls & Ball Launchers
Chuck It Flying Squirrel
Chuck It Max Glow Dog Toys
City Squisher Flying Discs
Dog Discuit Lighted Frizbee
Dogaims Dog Training Game
Doggles Soda Pop Critters
Go Dog Holiday Flatty Toys
Go Dog Collection of Dog Toys
Great China International Colossal Plush Toys
Hard Boiled Softies Dog Toys
Hear Doggy Dog Toys
Hero Disc USA Canine Discs
HuggleHounds Dog Toys
HuggleHounds Plaid Bungee Moose
Hydro Plane Soft Disc
Interactive Dog Games
Invincibles Dog Toys
Jolly Balls
Jolly Egg Dog Toy
JW Pet Grass Ball
JW Tough By Nature Dog Toys
Karlie Action Soccer Ball
Kong Cozies Plush Dog Toys
Kong Braidz Dog Toys
Kong Dog Toys
Kong MEGA Wubba
Kong Pudge Braidz Dog Toys
Kong Squeezz Dog Toys
Kong Tugger Knots Dog Toys
Kyjen Egg Babies Dog Toys
Kyjen Interactive Puzzle Toys
Kyjen Tuff Guys Plush Toys for Dogs
Nite Ize Meteor K9 Light Ball
Nose-It K9 Pet Ball
Nylabone Galileo Dog Bone
Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball
Orbee-Tuff TUG Toy
Planet Dog Orbee Toys
Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Bone Dog Toys
Puller Dog Toy
Ruffwear Dog Toys
Ruff Dawg Ruff Toys
Ruffhides Refillable Wraps
Seek-A-Treat Dog IQ Puzzle
Skinneeez Stuffing Free Plush Dog Toys
Tire Biter Paw Tracks
Tuffie Dog Toys

Bionic Play Dog Toys

Bionic Rubber is a revolutionary material that can withstand the aggressive play patterns of most pets. Bionic products have been tested in rescue shelters and day cares around the U.S. for years. By making and destroying countless samples, we know Bionic Rubber can hold up to the most aggressive chewers.

Bionic BallBionic Ball

Throw toy against the spine and it bounces normally. When your dog thinks he knows where its going to bounce, throw it against the opening to create an unpredictable bounce that's hours of fun!Bionic Bone

Bionic Bone

Our designers took years perfecting this bone! Careful attention was made to ensure it fits naturally in the curvature of the canine mouth. The ridges across the top give your dog the feeling that they are chewing through the toy - keeping them interested in it for months! Its unique interior shape provides strength for even the most aggressive chewers.Bionic Toss

Bionic Toss-n-Tug

The Toss-N-Tug's center has been designed to provide strength to the overall design, while offering dogs several options on where to pick up the toy to bring it back to you.Bionic Stuffer

Bionic Stuffer

Our Stuffer toy features two different sizes of hole openings allowing you to control how difficult it is for your dog to get kibble out. For easy play, insert smaller kibble into the holes or coin-purse area. When your dog masters the concept, you can make the toy more difficult by inserting larger kibble that can only exit through the large hole.

Bob-A-Lot Treat Dispenser

The Bob-A-Lot exercises and feeds your dog at the same time! Dogs of all sizes are able to manipulate the toy to get food or treats out. The large bottom chamber fits up to three cups of food- enough for a full meal! Adjustable openings at the top and bottom accommodate most types of dog food and allow you to regulate the difficulty level for your dog. The weighted anti-slip bottom makes the toy wobble erratically, enticing your dog to play.

Booda Soft Bite Floppy Disc

Booda Soft Bite Floppy Discs are flexible, tear-resistant floppy discs of fun. What a great idea and a great toy! This retrieval toy is designed to avoid injury to pet's teeth and gums. It should outlive any hard disc, when used as a toss and fetch toy. Not for use as a chew or pull toy.


Bott-A-MalBott-A-Mals Dog Toys

Bott-A-Mals are stuffed animals that you can put a water bottle in so it has all the crunchy fun without the danger! Come in a wide assortment of animals from the safari, the farm and your own home.

ChewberChewber Tug'n Toss Dog Toy

The Chewber is for dogs that destroy every other dog toy. Incredibly tough. Crazy tough. But still soft and pliable. This is the super chew toy you've been searching for. Made of rubber with a nylon core, it's textured so it's easier to pick up. Shaped like a flying saucer, it can be a tug toy or rolled for pursuit fun. Use indoors or outdoors, summer or winter. You can even feed your dogs from the Chewber. Washes clean.

Chuck It Amphibious Flying Ring

The ChuckIt Amphibious Flying Ring is soft yet durable. The soft but rugged construction makes this flying ring easy for your dog to catch and hold onto. It floats in the air or floats high in the water assuring visibility to your dog. This great interactive toy for your dog comes in assorted colours.


Chuck It Balls & Ball Launchers

The ChuckIt is one sweet way to exercise your dog ... without wearing out your arm. With the ChuckIt, you can throw that ball out of the ballpark over and over again. Use it in the park, in your backyard, or anywhere there is plenty of room. With a little practice you can consistently throw the ball 100 to 140 feet. We also carry the full line of ChuckIt balls. The Ultra Ball was developed to have high bounce, high buoyancy, high visibility, and high durability. We also carry their tennis balls and glow balls.


Chuck It Flying Squirrel

Squirrel-shaped throwing toy with raised sides for easy pick up, glow in the dark paws, and durable rubber feet. Also floats in water! Use it in the park, in your backyard, or anywhere there is plenty of room.

Chuck It Glow in the Dark Fetch dog toysChuck It Glow in the Dark Fetch Dog Toys

Max Glow Chuck It fetch dog toys extend outdoor fetch to any time of day, in any season! The high-visibility fabric has glow in the dark 3D print. Max Glow rubber is fast charging and the glow is long lasting.
5 - 10 minutes under a bright light provides up to 30 minutes of Glow!

Check out the wide variety of fetch toys transformed to glow in the dark. Max Glow products charge quickly under bright lights. Some products run on LED batteries. Balls, ball launchers, discs, and other toys add great fun to play time.

City SquisherCity Squisher Flying Discs

Throw it. Catch it. Float it. Love it. With a molded EVA foam core, this flying disc is lightweight and it floats! Denier nylon covered with reflective trim around the center design. Very soft on the mouth and it flies well too. 9-1/4" diameter.

Dog Discuit Lighted Frizbee

The NiteIze Dog Discuit is fun for you and your dogs, for your children, and your friends. This glowing disc is perfect for extending your playtime with your dogs after it gets dark, for BBQs and parties, or whenever you want to play a game of catch.


  • Soft-touch plastic
  • Mouth friendly
  • Water resistant and floats
  • Push button on/off
  • Long-life batteries-included
  • Available in red or green


Dogaims Dog Training Game

Do you want a more attentive, well behaved and entertained dog? dogaims can do that! Does dog training seem like a chore, inconvenience or expense? dogaims is inexpensive, fun and fits any time schedule! Is imagination a challenge? dogaims has thousands of game possibilities for any canine! This game adds fun and excitement to any dog household while strengthening your relationship with your dog with gentle, respectful interactive training techniques!



Soda Pop CritterDoggles Soda Pop Critters

The ultimate green toy! Why throw away your used two liter bottles when you can let your dog enjoy them instead! Just slip the empty bottle into the opening to give your dog hours of crunch crunch crunch fun! Two squeakers add melody to the crunch and the soft plush body completes the package. Measuring 20" long, this toy can also be used without a bottle - its up to you! When the bottle is flattened by repeated play, just replace with a new one - its that easy! Available in Toucan, Monkey and Hippo.

Go Dog Holiday Flatty Toys

Holiday Flatties from Go Dog feature a fun, floppy, flat design - great for tugging and tossing. Each toy includes five squeakers, one in each hoof and one in the head. Get in the holiday spirit with our reindeer, snowman, or nutcracker! All Go Dog toys are: Machine washable, double stitched at stress points, and designed one at a time and meet child safety standards.

Holiday Flatty Toy

Go Dog Collection of Dog Toys

Go Dog has something for every size and every breed! We carry the Jungle Pride line of plush toys that each come with five squeakers for maximum play. Go Dog carries a line of dog toys with Chew Guard Technology. These toys are super tough, each with a durable liner to withstand the daily rigors of dog's play. We carry the Road Kill line of Chew Guard dog toys.

Great China International Colossal Plush Toys

What's so funny ya' big ape? Great China Premium Orangutan Plush Chew Toy will satisfy the largest breed dogs. This Orangutan Plush Chew Toy has a cute smile and will be a chewy, cuddly playmate for your larger breed dog. Great China Premium Orangutan Plush Chew Toy is made of ultra-thick, durable plush in vivid color that is doubled stitched to endure hours of pawing, pulling, tugging, chewing, and biting. Only the best, longest-lasting grunters are sewn inside the Great China Premium Orangutan Plush Chew Toy.

Hard Boiled SoftiesHard Boiled Softies Dog Toys

These egg-shaped stuffing-less critters may look soft, but they're hard-boiled enough to stand up to the roughest players! The secret to their surprising sturdiness is a thick, durable rubber shell under their soft plush exterior. A really loud squeaker "yolk" captivates dogs, not to mention the crazy bounce that makes them both lovable and fetchable.

Comes in 5 adorable animal shapes: Bumble Bee, Hedgehog, Penguin, Sheep and Shark

Hear DoggyHear Doggy Dog Toys

We know you love your pet, but hate their squeaky toys! How about a toy that only they can hear? The Hear Doggy! line of plush toys is just that, Silent! The patented squeaker is tuned to an ultrasonic frequency that only they can hear, making playtime enjoyable for both your pet AND YOU! The plush is made from new, extra tough materials.

Come in a fun line of animals for your pet: Blowfish, Penguin, Whale, Skunk, Rabbit and Deer.

Come in two sizes: Large and Small


Hero Disc USAHero Disc USA Canine Discs

Hero Disc USA manufactures and distributes top of the line dog discs and accessories. Pawsitively Purrfect carries a wide assortment of canine discs in a variety of designs and colours from the Hero Disc USA line. Hero Discs are made in the USA and are a top pick for many canine disc enthusiasts. Cost to durability make this this line one of our best values. Not intended to be used as a chew toy.

HuggleHounds Dog Toys

HuggleHounds are snuggly, durable and fun! HuggleHounds were created to be your pet’s best friends. Whether a carrier or a toy, HuggleHounds are designed with attention to detail and durability.


Plaid Moose HuggleHounds Plaid Bungee Moose

Just like a favourite flannel shirt, these fleece toys are cozy. Features tuffut technology lining to insure even the toughest chewers will stop and pause. Great plaid fleece with bungee legs. Under-stuffed legs to allow pet ease of play, carrying and toss ability.

Hydro Plane Soft Disc

Get ready for high diving fun! This soft disc was built for dogs that love to play fetch in or around water. Pontoon-like construction allows the Hydro Plane to float high atop the water for easy visibility (for you and your dog!) Soft on dogs' mouths, and over-sized for easy pick up or an interactive game of tug-of-war.

Interactive Dog Games

Nina Ottosson’s range of durable interactive games have been designed to stimulate a dog’s brain whilst reinforcing his relationship with people.

Each design has a unique mechanism that requires mental as well as physical dexterity to work through the challenges and reveal hidden food rewards. They can be set to differing levels of complexity, to satisfy all ages and breeds of dog.

So whether you have a ‘Forrest Gump’ or an ‘Albert Einstein’, there is a Nina Ottosson game design to suit every dog!

We carry the entire line of plastic games including Dog Finder, Dog Casino, Dog Brick, Dog Tornado, Dog Spinny and Dog Magic. These durable plastic games are easy to clean and don't hold odours as do the wooden versions.

Dog Finder requires a dog to look for treats by moving blocks with its paw or nose in four different directions. The block can only be lifted at the end of each track. Under the blocks there are hollows where treats can be hidden. You can place 1 or 2 blocks in each track.

Dog Casino requires a dog to look for treats by pulling out the flaps in different directions. In each flap there is a compartment where the treat can be hidden. Increase the degree of difficulty by locking the flaps using the bone-shaped pegs on top.

Dog Brick requires a dog to first dislodge the removable bones, then to push the sliding covers and access hidden treats. The level of difficulty for the Brick can be varied, depending upon the dog’s experience and his enthusiasm for the game.

The idea behind the Dog Tornado is for the dog to dislodge the removable bones, then turn the revolving sections to reveal hidden treats. The Tornado has many variables to increase the level of difficulty as the dog’s skill improves. With a little practice, he will soon learn to dislodge the bones and turn the Tornado to access the rewards.

Dog Spinny, has a single removable bone that has to be dislodged by the dog, who can then rotate the top section to access treats in the compartments below. By gradually reducing the number of treats, you can encourage him to work harder.

Dog Magic is a relatively easy game for dogs to play, where they have to dislodge bones to access hidden treats. You may choose to put treats under one, several or all of the bones, to vary the difficulty of the game. By switching the location of the treat, you can encourage him to really focus and use his nose to seek out treasure!

InvinciblesInvincibles Dog Toys - Keeps squeaking when punctured!

Dogs love squeaker toys but become bored after they stop making noise. Invincibles are stuffing-less toys that contain patent-pending squeakers that keep squeaking, even after being punctured. Invincibles are great for dogs with sharp teeth, who lose interest in plush toys after they have"killed" the squeakers.

Come in fun Gecko animal shapes in bright colours and 2 sizes.

Jolly Balls

Jolly Pet has created a great line of unique dog toys. These balls have molded handles so that they are easy to grab and carry around. They also bounce (not real high though) and float in water. Your dog is going to love these toys. If you have a chain saw dog that tears toys up -- you have to try these indestructible high-density plastic balls. Herding dogs just love to herd the Push-n-Play Jolly Balls.

Jolly EggJolly Egg Dog Toy

More fun than any ball, this unique egg-shaped dog toy wobbles this way and that, and shoots away from the dog as he tries to grab it. This super tough toy will provide hours of entertainment for your dog. This is as close to an indestructible toy as we've found. The unpredictable and erratic movement of this toy will drive your dog bonkers. Available in two sizes.

JW Pet Grass Ball

JW Pet Grass Ball is a fun bouncy ball for your dog. The spiky sides will help clean his teeth as well as give the ball a unique bounce during a fun game of fetch. The holes on either side of the ball can be for treat insertion for use as a treat ball too!

JW Pet Tough By Nature Dog Toys

Our JW Pet Tough By Nature Natural Rubber Dog Toys, made from 100% natural rubber, include the world famous Hol-ee Roller, Sphericon, Tanzanian Mountain Ball, the Hol-ee Mol-ee Extreme, the Giggler Ball, Chompion, Cyberbone and CUZ the Walking Ball. These tough rubber toys were developed for and by pet owners in order to provide a superior outlet for interactive fun between dog and owner, as well as for the play and exercise of the dog by itself. Pliable, resilient natural rubber has proven itself to be the best material to satisfy the dog's normal craving to chew.

Karlie Action BallKarlie Action Soccer Ball

You're not the only one excited about the FIFA World Cup of Soccer. So is your dog. Let them get involved in the fun with this canine soccer ball. The Karlie Action Ball keeps you and your dog playing together for hours.

Kong BraidzKong Braidz Dog Toys

Kong Braidz are the perfect interactive toss and tug toy; great for snuggle time too! Dogs love to squeak the head, and shake and tug the body. The Kong Braidz soft, but strong material is tightly braided for strength, creating the cutest tug toy on the market. The stretchy and tough weave helps floss and clean teeth during play, and a squeaker adds to the excitement.

Kong CozieKong Cozies Plush Dog Toys

Kong Cozies are cute, soft and cuddly plush toys that are made with an extra layer of material to make them extra tough. Cozies are perfect for a game of fetch or great as a comfort toy for your furry friend. Grab one of the 10 amazingly cute Cozie characters for your dog and we know "Your dog will love you for it."

  • Minimal filling for minimal mess
  • Extra layer of material to increase strength
  • Squeak to help entice play
  • Not for chew sessions
  • 10 fun characters: Ali the Aligator, Baily the Blue Dog, Elmer the Elephant, Buster the Koala, King the Lion, Spunky the Monkey, Marvin the Moose, Floppy the Bunny, Rosie the Rhino and Tupper the Lamb

Kong Dog Toys

In 1976 Kong established "the standard" for dog toy performance and durability. Today Kong Toys are enthusiastically used and recommended by veterinarians, trainers, dog professionals and satisfied customers worldwide. Millions and millions of dogs have confirmed that Kong is the world's best dog toy. Pawsitively Purrfect carries the entire line of Kong products for your dog.

Kong Mega Wubba

Are you looking for a new toy for your canine companion? Try the new Kong MEGA Wubba! The Mega Wubba is huge ... over two feet long from tip to tale. This fun, interactive toss and tug toy is specifically designed for larger dogs ... or the large at heart. Durable reinforced nylon covers the toy and the long tails make it easy to pick up and throw. Dogs love to chase the Mega Wubba and shake the flapping tails back and forth.

Kong Pudge Braidz Dog Toys

KONG Pudge Braidz are tightly braided for strength, creating a soft toy that is as cute as it is durable. Pudge Braidz are twice as thick as the original Braidz and are perfect for most dogs. The strong, flexible weave helps floss and clean teeth during play. A squeaker adds to the excitement. Available in 1 size and 4 fun characters. Rooster, Pig, Bear and Dog.

Kong Pudge Braidz

Kong SqueezzKong Squeezz Dog Toys

Kong's new, durable, squeak toys come in six classic shapes dogs love (ring, dumbbell, football, stick, bon, and ball). And Squeezz toys feature a protected, recessed squeaker for longer-lasting squeaky fun. Available in multiple sizes and four vibrant colors (ruby, sapphire, amethyst and emerald) these bouncy toys are bound to become quick favourites. Great for indoor and outdoor use.

Kong Tugger KnotsKong Tugger Knots Dog Toys

Tugger Knots are tough, interactive tug and shake toys that dogs love. Each toy has knotted ropes inside for a realistic feel, which extend outside the toy creating tug handles at both ends. The ropes are looped together to absorb tugging stress and are covered by a durable, double-ply plush body. Designed with minimal stuffing for minimal mess. This unique design creates a captivating variety of textures and resistance that dogs love with a squeaker inside for added fun! Available in two sizes (Small/Medium and Medium/Large) and come in four characters: Monkey, Frog, Lion and Moose.

Kyjen Egg Babies Dog Toys

The ultimate long-lasting toy for dogs who love to seek and destroy. Keeps your pet occupied with 3 removable squeaking eggs that fit inside the toy's body. Pets learn to remove eggs without destroying the toy for repeated play and bundles of fun! Includes two free replacement egg squeakers with every toy!

Kyjen Interactive Puzzle ToysKyjen Games

Introducing a new toy that occupies and challenges dogs' cognitive skills. As descendants of wolves, most dogs instinctively enjoy the challenge of hunting and seeking out the hidden food in these Puzzle Toys. It keeps your pets healthy, happy and engaged! All games include instructions and tips. We carry all 3 puzzles: the Star Spinner, the Treat Wheel and the Paw Hide.

Kyjen Tuff Guys Plush Toys for Dogs

More squeakers mean more longer-lasting fun! With 11-15 noisemakers and at least 5 different sounds, these new toys are sure to keep pooches occupied and happy! Each Tuff Guy has his own story, which makes each one even more unique. You're sure to get a laugh out of these fuzzy, flashy fellas. Tuff Guy Hank

Meet Hank!

"After spending most of his childhood working at his father’s lumber yard, he was the first boy sporting a six pack. His first stint in the wrestling ring was against his family dog, Kibbles, who came out victorious. After this momentous loss, Hank vowed he would never lose again. And he never did! Hank held the middle weight UXC wrestling title for a record-breaking 72 straight victories. He is now retired and lives in Nantucket, with his wife and dog named Brisket, who he has never wrestled."

Tony, Lars and Hank each sold separately. Comes in 2 sizes.

Nite Ize Meteor K9 Light Ball

A great night time play toy for people and for dogs, with a water-resistant microchip-controlled LED that lights up.

  • Makes a great exercise toy for throwing and retrieving in a supervised setting.
  • Same size as a tennis ball ... comfortable for the dogs and works with most tennis ball throwers.
  • Replaceable batteries - turn on and off by pressing and holding switch.
  • Water resistant and floats.
  • Made of extra durable rubber to stand up to repeated use (not intended as a chew toy).

Nose-It K9 Pet BallNose-It K9 Pet Ball

This revolutionary equine ball is now available for your pet too. Nose-It K9 Ball keeps your pet engaged, moving and entertained for hours on end! Its intuitive One-Roll-At-A-Time design keeps your pet in control and channels their energy away from bad behavior. Giving your pet control and a reward creates a special bond between your pet and their ball! No more gulping of food by your pet, reducing the risks of bloating! Each ball holds up to 2 cups of food! The balls are a patented 12-sided ball made of FDA food safe material and by virtue of its design allows the animal to control its movement. This intuitive design encourages interaction and provides hours of enjoyment.

Nose-It!  K-9 Pet Flex Plus is more flexible and is fantastic for small breed dogs, puppies, older dogs and dogs that are teething. Nose-It!  K-9 Pet Flex is more rigid and is excellent for the moderate power chewer and larger breed dogs.

Nylabone Galileo Dog Bone

Galileo, the world's strongest dog bone, is made of super-tough virgin nylon and lasts far longer than other chew products. It is so strong that you don't have to throw it away when the knuckles are chewed down. Discard it only when it is small enough for your dog to swallow whole. The thin shavings that are raked off during chewing and swallowed pass through harmlessly. Galileo saves teeth by effective cleaning and vigorous gum massage and since Galileo is non-abrasive, there is no tooth wear.

We carry a large selection of Nylabone products. Check us out.

Omega Paws Tricky Treat Ball

This challenging interactive ball will entertain your dog for hours. Simply insert your dog’s favourite dry food or treats into the ball. As your dog plays with the Tricky Treat™ ball, it will dispense treats keeping your dog focused and entertained.

Orbee-Tuff TUG Toy

A dog's natural instincts are to hunt, explore, socialize and play. We would add tug to that list. The TUG's award-winning design has just enough give and flexibility to make it the perfect toy to play a rousing game of "tug-o-woof." Its unique "flip-grip" technology allows contests of strength to be had two ways: Dog vs. Person or Dog vs. Dog.

Planet Dog Orbee Toys

Recently rated as the Top Dog Product of the Year by numerous dog magazines and the "world's best dog ball" by industry experts. These balls are peppermint scented and they even float. Orbee-Tuff rinses clean. Orbee-Tuff (The Compound), specially engineered for sharp and determined teeth, this 'award winning', flexible and durable curiosity is recyclable, buoyant, glowable, durable and pleasantly scented. It's us!

Orbee Tuff BonePlanet Dog Orbee-Tuff Bone Dog Toys

Considered the most curiously durable "funny bone" on the market. This best-selling, all-time favourite is rated 3 out of 5 chompers on the Durability Scale. It is buoyant, minty, and recyclable, non-toxic and rinses clean. This item is available in blue, green or pink and comes in 4 sizes depending on the size of your dog.

Puller Dog Toy

The Puller dog toy by Collar provides an excellent workout for your canine companion as well as acting as a training aid. It comes as a set of two toys which allows you to get the dog to release one while going after the other, instead of fighting them to release a single toy, making training quicker. Not only is this a great training aide but it's an exercise tool as well! Using the three recomended excercises for 20 minutes is comparable to your dog running 3 miles, or having a 2 hour training session with an instructor. Watch the video below to learn more!


Ruffwear Dog Toys

Whether it's playtime or a training session, nothing beats the Ruffwear line of dog toys for interactive human/canine fun. Available in a variety of colours and sizes, to accommodate petite jaws or big dogs with more ravenous tastes, these toys are ideal for catch-and-fetch on both water and land. Several designs have a hollow interior for placing treats.

Ruffhide Refillable WrapRuffhides Refillable Wraps

Ruffhides are a great solution to a common pet owner problem: Dogs that put us in the poor house (and create digestive upset for themselves), by consuming chews too quickly. Now, with these safe-to-chew, natural rubber wraps, you can slow your dog’s progress, while still holding their interest.

Ruffhides help:

  • Promote good dental health
  • Prevent digestive issues that may occur if your dog consumes rawhide too quickly
  • Protect your carpet and upholstery by keeping gooey rawhides from coming into contact with surfaces

Ruffhides have unique features that make them stand out from other chews:

  • Greatly extends playtime—often by days!
  • Dishwasher safe

Seek-A-TreatSeek-A-Treat Dog IQ Puzzle

Keep Your Dog Stimulated And Entertained With The Flip N Flap IQ Puzzle! Two Roller Wheels Open Flaps Where Treats Can Be Hidden. Configurable With Three Holes And Sliding Disks For A Different Challenge. Wood Construction.

Price: $14.95

SkinneezSkinneeez Stuffing Free Plush Dog Toys

Skinneeez Stuffing Free Plush Fox Dog Toys brings out your dong's natural hunting instinct. Your dog will enjoy hours of entertainment flip-flopping this stuffing free toy. The Skinneeez Stuffing Free Plush Fox Dog Toy has 2 squeakers - one in the head and one in the tail for double the fun. Comes in a variety of animals: Rabbit, Fox, Squirrel, Skunk, Raccoon, Chipmunk and Bat.

Tire Biter Paw Tracks

Tire Biter Paw Tracks are big, tough rubber dog toys shaped like tires with paw-shaped treads made for heavy-duty chomping and interactive play. The combination of soft rubber and polyester fibers removes plaque and tartar build up while your dog chews. Great for dogs of all ages and puppies who are teething. Tire Biters have been tested by an independent lab to be a safe, non-toxic toy. Available with Cotton Rope or without.


The TreatStik is a very tough Nylon MEAL and TREAT dispensing toy that will offer your dog hours of mentally stimulating fun. As your dog nudges & rolls the toy it randomly dispenses its hidden treats. It stimulates your dog's mind, while relieving boredom and separation anxiety. It also helps with weight control! It is a deterrent from destructive behaviour that can stand up to very strong chewers. The large TreatStik can hold up to 1.5 cups of your dogs favourite treats or daily meal, while the smalll size holds .5 cups.

  • Large screw cap for easy filling
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made of heavy-duty non-toxic nylon
  • Sizes: Large TreatStik is 9.75" long and the Small TreatStik is 6" long

Tuffie Dog Toys

Tuffie brand dog toys are made with the highest quality materials and are the most durable tough dog toys and unique dog toys available. In fact, Tuffy pet toys are the "Tuffest" soft toys on the planet! Your dogs will love the softness and the squeakers. You will love the tough dog toys and how quiet the squeakers are! The tug dog toys and other toys for dog are high quality and lots of fun.

Tuffie dog toys are extremely durable pet toys. They are ideal for interactive play or training for agility, flyball and frisbee competitions. Available Series Styles are Mega, Ultimate, Jr Series, Sea Creatures, Barnyards, Dinosaurs, iBalls, and even a Backpack for your dog.

Tuffy Pig           Tuffy Square           Tuffy Mega Ring